Sozial Global


The company

For more than 50 years SOGL offers support and care in the mobile services sector in Vienna (Austria). This includes home help and care, visiting services, and meals on wheels. Currently around 2000 people are cared for by SOGL. In September 2010, the portfolio was expanded and SOGL founded a supervised residential group – assisted living for elderly people.
SOGL counts in Vienna’s largest mobile providers and is a member of the umbrella organisation Viennese social institutions in which more than 70 social enterprises and charities are represented. SOGL is also a recognised service provider of the city of Vienna (FSW). The FSW supports and promotes on behalf of the City of Vienna and other services for people with care and support needs. Since August 2011 SOGL is certified to ISO 9001:2008 (TUV Austria). Previous projects: BSB – Occupational social work (funded by FGÖ – Healthy Austria Fund) (ongoing); AUVAfit – a pilot project of the AUVA on work quality and prevention (completed); Primary Nursing – a pilot project of the CSC to implement a nursing organisational framework within the meaning of primary nursing (ongoing), “living with dementia” – a project of BAG – Federal Labour Community free welfare (completed); “vulnerability context” – co-operation partner in the research project VITALIS (funded by ANR – Agence National des Recherche), University of Vienna, Institute of Sociology (completed).

List of members

Ursula-70x70 Mag. Ursula Dickbauer
Sociologist, Graduated Nurse, Quality Manager in health care systems

Ursula Dickbauer holds a Master in Social Science from the University of Vienna. Since 2000 she works as an assistant nursing manager at SOZIAL GLOBAL AG, one of Vienna’s largest home care provider. Before she worked for several years as a quality manager in two Viennese hospitals and as a graduated nurse in the Rudolfinerhaus, a private hospital in Vienna. She has long-time experience in teaching sociology and nursing science for nurses and in performing quality management workshops.