The company

The SOPHIA Franken was founded in 2004 as a subsidiary company of the Joseph-Stiftung. The idea for a new service for elderly people was born 3 years before, when the SOPHIA project has been submitted in 2001. The intention was to take care of elderly people to prevent them to move into institutional care homes. Project was financed by the federal ministry for health, the Bavarian ministry of social affairs, some public trusts and the Joseph-Stiftung – the catholic building company in the archbishopric of Bamberg. A main result of this project was that a technical support system alone will not have a positive impact on the decision to move or not into an institutional care home. There have to be an additional factor – the social and psychological support to improve the belief that you can live furthermore in your own apartment or house. Nowadays the SOPHIA Franken is owned in addition by some other housing companies too, which share the ideas of SOPHIA. SOPHIA Franken care for more than 1500 elderly people in Northern Bavaria now. In the whole Federal Republic of Germany roundabout 95% of the 4.000 members (we don’t call them clients) are older than 75 years. In 2012 there are SOPHIA companies in Hassia, in Berlin, in North Rhine-Westphalia, in southern Bavaria and in northern Bavaria. They are all members of the SOPHIA System but also independent companies.
The other SOPHIA Company in Bamberg – the SOPHIA living network GmbH is the holder of all SOPHIA rights and is the general partner of the SOPHIA Franken GmbH & Co KG. SOPHIA living network is the think tank of SOPHIA and responsible for quality of service of SOPHIA Companies and R&D in the departments: ambient assisted living, social services, business models, and reliable safety appliances at home. So – SOPHIA Franken is embedded in a strong network of healthy and innovative housing companies and has a growing number of customers in and round northern Bavaria and has support system with evaluates and delivers permanently new products, services, and business models.

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