The company

Founded in 2005, ILOGS is one of the leading ICT companies in Austria focusing on mobile processes and eHealth. ILOGS develops innovative solutions for professional care-givers and wants to extend it’s eHealth platform MOCCA towards services for non-professional care givers.
MOCCA is a state-of-the-art integrated eHealth solution which covers many processes in eHealth. With a strong focus on mobile home care services MOCCA also supports stationary care processes as well as innovative services for ambient assisted living. In the centre of the system is the customer (patient) who needs either professional care givers within a stationary facility or care services at home. Within the project TOPIC ILOGS will extend MOCCA with services for non-professional care givers. With more than 100.000 clients (patients) in Austria and Luxembourg ILOGS has excellent access to the target customers and can therefore work closely together with early adopters. Currently, ILOGS is involved in the AAL Joint Programme, Call 4 – PART B with the project CONFIDENCE and several national research projects within the AAL context.

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