Jul 042016

Collage_Fotor_01In order to disseminate the achievements of the TOPIC project and reflect upon the work performed to get to them, an open event has been organised and carried out successfully on the 30th June 2016.

The event featured presentations by project partners and by invited speakers working with themes concerning TOPIC.

The event started with Prof. Hilda Tellioğlu, coordinator of the project, giving an overview of the project motivations, goals and approach. Dr. Walter Liebhart, managing director of ILOGS, the Austrian technology partner of the project, complemented Prof. Tellioğlu’s presentation by providing an overview of the final TOPIC CarePortfolio developed within the project.

Dr. Sigrid Pilz, Patient Lawer for the City of Vienna, delivered a reflective talk on issues related to the challenges of providing home care: Dr. Pilz touched relevant issues such as financial support needed by informal carers and the importance of assessing the usefulness of the technologies for (informal) care and the consequences of introducing such technologies to the care process.

Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel, Municipal Councillor and Member of the Vienna Parliament, went on to talk about the relevance of projects like TOPIC, which have the users as their main informants and try to really understand their situations and to design and develop technologies that are useful and usable.

Collage_Fotor_02In the discussion round following the first three presentations, members of the audience, among them eight Austrian informal carers who participated in the TOPIC project, had the opportunity to discuss with the speakers their views on the theme.

After a short pause, three other presentations were delivered by project members. Ms. Marén Schorch from University of Siegen, the German academic partner in TOPIC, reflected on the methodology used for the project. As a sociologist she discussed the importance of using qualitative methods to deeply understand the user contexts and to be able to design appropriate technological solutions.

Ms. Ursula Dickbauer, Quality Manager in Health Care System for SOZIAL GLOBAL AG, the Austrian end-user organisation partner in TOPIC, reflected upon the involvement of informal carers in the project and what we learned from them.

Mr. Anton Zahneisen, CEO for SOPHIA, an end-user organization in Barmberg, Germany as partner in TOPIC, discussed potential ways to bring the platform to informal carers in the future, addressing some possible ways to fund the platform.

The event ended with another round of discussions and with the informal carers who participated in the project receiving a certificate of participation from Prof. Tellioğlu.

Below you find the link to the presentation slides of de event:

For further information please contact Prof. Hilda Tellioğlu (hilda.tellioglu@tuwien.ac.at).