Jul 042016

On the 29th July 2016, the eighth and last face-to-face TOPIC consortium meeting was held in Vienna.

The meeting started with discussions and final decisions on the open development issues concerning TOPIC CarePortfolio. Technical constraints have been analyzed and a plan of action for the last month of the project has been devised.

Following this discussions and decisions round, the current status of the business plan to bring TOPIC CarePortfolio to the market within the next two years has been presented and partners were able to add their contributions. Issues of Intellectual Property of the modules developed for the platform have also been discussed and an agreement has been achieved.

The future of the current version of the platform for the following year has also been a point of discussion. Partners have decided to keep the platform alive, so that those who participated in the project can continue using it during the forthcoming year.

In the end of the meeting, partners who would be giving presentations on the TOPIC final event had the opportunity to share with the consortium their plans for the presentation, on which they received feedback for improvements.

After the meeting, the consortium has enjoyed a lovely night at Heuriger Muth.