Sep 242015

On the 24th of September, Hilda Tellioglu did a presentation about “CareCamera: Tensions between User Needs and Ethical Issues” during the special session on “Monitoring people in private spaces: technological advances and societal issues” organised by the BREATHE project at the AAL Forum 2015. The forum took place in Ghent, Belgium, from the 22nd to 25th September 2015.

The abstract, on which the presentation is based on, was written by members of the TOPIC team at the Vienna University of Technology and reports on an on-going debate within the TOPIC project about a video surveillance solution – named as CareCamera – adopted in response to user needs identified in the fieldwork conducted in early stages of the project to understand the user contexts and their inherent needs. It sets out to advance the discussion on the subject, seeking to define the first steps of an ethical roadmap for those working on the use of such solutions for informal care.

You can download the presentation and abstract.